Stratos 600 AC Residential

The Stratos VPL represents a new generation and evolution in VPL's. New technologies introduced in the Stratos VPL make this VPL series more reliable, easier to use, easier to service, easier to troubleshoot, and the premiere market choice for platform lift solutions.

Innovation is at the heart of this next generation Vertical Platform Lift. The Stratos VPL is an outstanding choice for vertical lifting solutions in the home or in light commercial settings where an elevator is impractical or unnecessary.

  • Guardian System: 4 bright, high-contrast LED status lights give continual performance feedback from the lift's control board. Monitoring almost every critical system, Guardian can provide immediate feedback and guidance.
  • SteadyDrive: Ensures a smooth, quiet and stable lift.
  • ReadyUPS System: True battery back-up option that can deliver at least 5-cycles in the event of power loss.
  • Lifting Capacity

    750 lb

  • Standard Lift Height


  • Maximum Lift Height Upgrade


  • Arrives Assembled


  • Drive System

    1" Diameter Acme Screw Drive

  • Optional Drive Systems

    None Available

  • Battery Powered Option


  • Constant Pressure Platform Control


  • Emergency Stop Platform Control


  • Alarm Button


  • Keyed Platform Control


  • Call-Send Controls

    One Per Stop Included

  • Optional Call-Send Controls

    Keyed and/or Wireless

  • Platform Type

    Solid with Non-Skid Coating

  • Platform Size

    36" x 48" (34" Usable Width)

  • Optional Platform Sizes

    36" x 60" (34" Usable), 42"x 54" (34" Usable), 42" x 60" (40" Usable)

  • Platform Configuration

    Straight-Thru Access

  • Optional Platform Configurations

    Same Side Entry-Exit, 90 Degree Adjacent Access

  • Grab Rail


  • Upper Access Ramp

    None Available

  • Upper Landing Gate


  • Lower Access Ramp

    36" Fixed or Auto-Folding Standard, Optional 42" Fixed or Auto-Folding

  • Guard Panel

    36", Optional 42"

  • Maximum Stops


  • Lift Speed (FPM)


  • Other Options

    Fire-Rated Doors, Automatic Door Openers

  • Portable

    None Available

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